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Royal Endorsement – I am Invictus Games 2016

The Invictus Games is an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event for ex service men injured in the line of duty, created by Britain’s Prince Harry. So who better to endorse the event than the prince himself and why not bring along Granma too; and since this years event was hosted by USA it wasn’t a surprise to see President Obama involved in the promotion of the event as well. Boom! Brilliant!

All the royal and presidential ‘cast’ showed their acting skills in a short sketch to promote the games and at the same time backing up a good cause, the Invictus Games Orlando 2016. This event aimed to support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women.

It is more than obvious that having people like the members of the Royal Family and Barack and Michelle Obama associated with the games could only be good for the event. The world we live in now is about influencers, and that is all a celebrity really is; and let’s be honest all of them qualify as both influencers and celebrities.

In general, the celebrity who endorses a campaign should have some type of association with the brand. In this case, who better to represent the brand than Prince Harry, who spent ten years working in the Armed Forces and has first hand experience of what soldiers live with in the field. There is a strong synergy and relation between the brand – I am Invictus Games Foundation – and Prince Harry.

Thanks to these endorsements, the games have reached their objectives by capturing the attention of the audience, increasing brand awareness, strengthening recall of the brand, reinforcing the image of the foundation, and increasing the likelihood of attendance.

Prince Harry not only endorsed the games but he was always involved in the event, he was as an excellent host, a genuine supporter of the participants and also interacting with the audience. There can be no better endorsement of an event than to have such a high profile and popular host as Prince Harry.

The promotional video generated big press coverage in different media channels, BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Express,, and Huffington Post to name but a few. The games were covered by BBC and people talk about the games in social media too, for example the foundation has 65K followers in Twitter and the Orlando games twitter account has 19.4K followers, 3,412 Likes and generate 1,538 tweets.

I would say that this endorsement deal was done correctly; not only because it helped the foundation to reach their own objectives but more importantly to help all veterans to lead healthy and dignified lives after service, and in many cases it gives the participants something that makes a real difference to their lives.

Here some stats to illustrate the success of the games.




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Once upon a time …. PR practitioners started using visual storytelling to capture the attention of the audience.

Stories always have been around us, they have the power to inform, persuade and provoke emotional responses. Thanks to the digital era and the fact that people read less and less, visual storytelling has become more popular. As PR practitioners we always want to find the best way to engage with audience and visual storytelling has shown to be a powerful tool to connect with them. In fact, storytelling is important for organisations to develop their media strategies.

Through digital stories people can construct narrative, choose images and the music or sound that they feel best represents their experiences. In short, if you put all these ingredients in a blender, you will make a visual storytelling shake that the drinkers would like to share, or maybe not? When the visual is weak, it generates a negative outlook on the brand. Visuals should be fun to help to reinforce your story, which in the end helps you to capture the attention of your audience better.

Here are a few stats to illustrate why PR practitioners should no longer ignore the inclusion of multimedia in their campaigns.

post 4

Here there are my top five guidelines for using visual storytelling in public relations. 


Sometimes a good quality image is all you need to tell your story. Images can easily “depict the stunning sights-yet-to-be-witnessed of places or the unpredictable side of people”. Images with authentic content are beneficial because people want real moments from everyday life, moments that allow them to make connections of human experience.

Good Example

Dove #Speakbeautiful Campaign.

This campaign shows a real situation that millions of women around the world are experiencing. The target audience of this campaign feel personally identified with the message.


You can stimulate the senses through an image. Through images with sensory content you get more attention from your audience since they would feel identified with the experience you portray in that image. These types of images are powerful because you can create a ‘tactile’ experience.

Good Example

FullSizeRender (2)

An image should appeal to sight, hearing, taste, touch or smell. This picture make you feel the thirst that the cat is experiencing.


By showing a prototype of something you will make the audience facilitate recognition and make connections with their own experiences. In short, it is about putting across an image of something that is familiar to the audience that in turn would evoke emotions. This content is valuable because if you understand the core emotions and motivations of your audience, you will definitely achieve a reaction.

Good Example

Harley Davidson – CVO Breakout

This campaign shows the ‘The rebel’, a rebel blond woman who is powerful, independent and risk-taking. This image is effective because the ‘rebel’ audience value the unconventional and strongly reject the status quo.


You need to make relevance between the cultures of your audience to be appealing to them. The idea is to create an image that is relevant to your audiences real life, it could be said that images with relevance move with time. Images with relevant content are potent because you “evoke real emotions by being in the current moment”

Bad Example

Protein World – Beach body ready


The visual content was not relevant and appropriate and for these reason the audience – women – didn’t react in a positive way and as a result this campaign has had terrible feedback.


It is essential that your visual narrative provides details of the story that ‘visual readers’ understand and that also makes them to want to know more. By being logical and consistent you can in some way control the message that you want to be passed to others.

Good Example

The scarecrow Campaign – Chipotle Restaurant.

This is a very strong story with powerful visual that evoke emotions. It is simple and very well executed story, it is logically structured and resonates strongly with the psychographic characteristics of its target audience.

Bad example:

The amount of information you laid out is really matter. This is an infographic with such an overload of information that it doesn’t have coherence, it isn’t even logically constructed, which in turn would definitely be unfavourable for you story.

Remember that keeping it real and simple is often the way to impress; at the end all that you really are trying to do is to share an experience that resonates with the majority of your audience.



Visual storytelling: inspiring a new visual language. Robert Klanten, Sven Ehmann, and Floyd Schulze. Berlin: Gestalten, 2011.

The Power of Visual Storytelling: How to Use Visuals, Videos, and Social Media to Market Your Brand. Ekaterina Walter and Jessica Gioglio. McGraw-Hill, 2014.

The power of storytelling in public relations: Introducing the20 master plots. Michael L. Kent. University of Tennessee, Knoxville, United States.


Colombian babybump dancing

As a Colombian woman I love dancing anywhere and everywhere even more when I am very happy. The due day of my baby was the 29 of April, today is 1st of May and he/she is still in my belly so I decided to make a video with a song we have been dancing to in the shower for more than nine months to ‘show’ how happy and excited I am.

The song is called “Que bonito”, this is a song with ‘champeta’ rhythms from the Colombian group Bomba Estereo. There is no doubt that my baby is going to have the Colombian rhythm in his/her blood.


A critique of Coca-Cola’s digital engagement campaign ‘Share Your Voice’

Since I can remember Coca-Cola has always been around. In my opinion their campaigns have always been good, some better than others. The next digital campaign I am going to review is from Coca-Cola, this digital campaign impressed me from the way they developed their creativity online and connected to mass media and the offline world.

In 2013 Coca-Cola delivered a great digital engagement campaign with an exceptional idea  of connecting Coca-Cola consumers with their favourite rockstars. They set the first internet banner that allowed fans of Adrian Despot, the lead singer of the Romanian band Vița de Vie, to interact virtually with him. Basically Coca-Cola created an online banner with the singer ready with his guitar waiting to take a call from his fans to sign along with him his song ‘StartDust’ and from this point other digital tools were used to fire up the target audience.

In this campaign I can see how Coca-Cola did a good job of analysing one of its target audiences – teenagers from Romania – and how they developed a content appealing to them, the target audience was the well-known UGC (user generation content. The fans could call through their mobile phones and tuner it into microphone, so they could sing along with Adrian Despot.


This situation created a sense of community around Vița de Vie fans who drink Coca-Cola, with a content that mobilised the Romanians teenagers to promote the brand. The audience here amplified the message by sharing it in different social media channels like Facebook and YouTube, which in turn helped to reach many other teenagers.

I could say that it was a good established two-way partnership, because Coca-Cola made fans of this band feel that they really matter to the brand.

Coca-cola really made the most of the ‘online duet idea’ teenagers received a link of their personalised duet video on YouTube which they were free to share online. There were also CD singles made and posted to the singers, and some fans even earned a featured personalised MTV video. This obviously supported the brand all the way.

You could say that this Coca-Cola campaign had a grand finale. The brand recorded all of the voices and then played them back during the band’s live show at B’estfest festival in Bucharest, Romania’s biggest music festival. In fact, during the gig, the lead singer explained the campaign before singing ‘StartDust’; then during the song all of the names of those who participated were projected on the big screen.

Overall, I think that in this campaign Coca-Cola used very engaging digital media content, where participation and interaction were key factors of their strategy. They activate multiple ideas for their target audience to feel part of the campaign. Coca-Cola cleverly combined physical with digital experience; they connected fans to their idol online, and then took it offline to make it a unique experience for the fans.

This creative campaign generated 4.59 million media impressions and mouse-overs. The campaign won different awards such as Silver Drum in Digital Campaigns at Golden Drum Festival 2013, Winner in Digital Branded Content at Internetics Festival, Romania and Winner in Interactive Campaigns (FMGC) at Internetics Festival, Romania.



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The case of the broken toe – Part 2

[ For Part One click here ]

First of all, I want to say that the most popular mode of transport in Cambodia is the ‘tuk-tuk’, for those of you that don’t know it is like a hybrid of a motorbike and shopping trolley.

The day after I dislocated my toe on a remote island of Cambodia my husband and I left the island to head directly to the Hospital in the nearest town. On our arrival to the Mainland it soon became clear that the only transport available was a ‘tuk-tuk’ so there were nothing we could do but jumping in that thing and pray for the best, because the way they drive is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention how chaotic the traffic is.


I limped over and jumped in very carefully trying not to hurt my toe. We asked the driver to take us to a clinic that we had been recommended but the tuk-tuk driver decided that we shouldn’t go to that one, he preferred another one where he presumably got a “back hander”, everything in Cambodia is about getting some piece of the pie it seems. On the way there he casually went the wrong way around a busy roundabout, skilfully weaving around the oncoming traffic. Honestly I thought that was it for us, a small injury to a toe turning to a major incident.

Fortunately we arrived safe and sound to the hospital, where the driver announced my arrival from the entrance by shouting something in Khmer to anybody who would listen. This seemed to startle the ‘doctor’ who was sleeping on a camp bed behind the counter at the time, poor fellow. He slowly got up and dusted down his grubby white jacket and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. I began to explain the situation to a nurse who seemed a little more alert than the Doc. He ordered an X-ray to be sure that my toe wasn’t broken. We followed the signs that directed us to the X-ray room which led us through some rooms where patients were laying down recovering from various ailments. The X ray room turned out to be a corrugated iron shed and inside felt a little like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

silla de ruedas

After a short wait we were called to the doctor’s room. The room was a little crowded, we sat on the bed and were joined by the nurse, a chap with lovely shiny shoes, the tuk-tuk driver and ultimately Dr. Snooze, who still looked like he could do with more sleep. The doctor cast his eye on the X-ray image and seemed satisfied that the toe was only dislocated and that the DIY re-location and first aid had been successful. He then turned to us looked down and grabbed and began to inspect my husbands foot. After we had finished laughing the tuk-tuk driver helpfully explained that my husband wasn’t the patient, good job that he was there really.

The case of the broken toe and the buffalo

At the beginning of 2013 my husband and I went travelling around Cambodia. We found a beautiful tropical Island called Koh Rong. We made some friends and had great time. On our last night on the island we got together with our new friends to have some drinks and say goodbye.

During the night we chatted about anything and everything. The owner of the bar we were drinking in, told us a story about a big buffalo that lived on the island. The beast had attacked some tourists and the locals had decided to put a bell around his neck. The night was over so we went back to our beach hut. During the night I needed the loo so in the local style I headed down to the beach.


While I was  having a wee and taking in the splendid view; you know the sea and the sky… Suddenly, I heart my husband shouting:  “Can you hear the bell? The buffalo is coming towards you!” upon hearing this I just started running for my life, hardly pausing to pull up my shorts, which remained around my knees; in my haste and the darkness and my sheer terror of being gored by the onrushing buffalo i managed to smash my foot on a rock, i let out a scream and crawled upstairs to our hut.

Obviously my husband came to my rescue and realised that my toe was dislocated. He didn’t want me to see how bad my toe was but I couldn’t resist a peek, I saw it and realised that my poor toe was like an arrow indicating ‘turn to the right’ The reality dawned upon us that we were on a remote Cambodian island with no doctors no hospital and no phones, even the generator for the lights had been switched off! there was nothing else for it, Doctor Chappo (my husband) decided to have a go on try to put it back into the right position. I want to say that he never had done anything like that before.

The first attempt didn’t work, I can tell you that it was really painful and any alcohol I had in my head wet out after that. For the second attempt I decided to bite my pillow because this time my private doctor was going to pull my toe harder. Thankfully it worked and we went to sleep but before it I needed to have shot of rum to cope with the pain of the post medical procedure.

to be continued…the real doctor on the mainland story

Portfolio Analysis

This portfolio demonstrates some skills which are needed in the PR industry, many of them in which I have mentioned in my professional profile. I believe that my professional portfolio will support my working experience in the field. Through this portfolio I demonstrate that I have the ability to write engaging and relevant web articles and that I understand how the content must be adapted for different audiences. I also show that I am aware how social media platforms can help business to become a name and interactively attract its audience.

The work I produced at Stampede Equestrian shows my understanding on how social media is essential to boost any type of business. Advising Stampede Equestrian on how to use social media required me to utilise my conversation skills. I held meetings directly with the owner of the business, therefore, I listened very carefully to her brief in order to understand exactly what she wanted to achieve. For obvious reasons I also had to build good relationship with her and demonstrate that I have understood her brand and needs very well.

As a new business who’s goal was to increase its presence in social media, I needed to use my creativity. After the owner gave me a rough draft of what she intended to accomplish, I develop a plan to increase awareness of the brand by contacting some online influencers. I had to ensure that the approach to the influencers was well timed and done professionally.

I believe that this was valuable experience, creating awareness for a new small business in the equestrian industry. I needed to understand the needs and expectations of the client and I also needed to ensure that the content of the message, and the way to approach people was going to be captivating enough to make them want to engage with this new brand.

I feel that I successfully advised the business, I directed the owner in the right direction as was proven by the increase in sales that they received and by the increase of followers they had on social media sites. Following my advice on the use of relevant pictures and content and also choosing the correct moment to post, share and comment on social platforms was a contributing factor to the upturn of the business. My work is an example of effective ways of sending the message out to a specific audience, giving evidence that when the style of the message that a company sends to its potential customers is appropriate, it will encourage more people to want to interact with the brand. This also demonstrated my planning skills and my ability to achieve objectives for a social media strategy.

Being a guest blogger for the well-known website Baby Centre enabled me to select the correct style and tone of writing for a specific audience, pregnant women. In order to achieve a post on this website I needed to develop media relations. I needed to communicate and develop a good relationship with the editor of the blog.

My article needed to have an interesting and compelling topic to ensure that the audience wanted to read it. From my own experience and with some research about the subject I wanted to cover, I found that there were many blogs that discussed similar topics. I believe my article was successful as I wrote something to which my audience may have been able to relate, and compare with their own experiences. My article had hints of ‘descriptive graphic reality’ and a bit of sarcasm; I think this was a suitable tone of voice to use when targeting pregnant women as they are more likely to read something which makes them feel identified with the subject.

Guest blogging brought some benefits for my personal blogger development; it helped me to build my individual branding, it also helped me to be seen as a more credible writer. This would definitely help start creating my own online credibility. In addition, it also would drive more traffic to my personal blog and to some extent, increase my engagement with my followers.

This experience meant that my dedication to consistently writeing interesting posts definitely paid off, the benefits far outweigh the time I have invested on my blog, for example I got more exposure, credibility, inbound links, social media exposure, build up your brand and referral traffic to my website.

During my time as an intern in Beever Hair Ltd I needed to conduct research. For this task I carry out this research independently but with instructions that specified precisely what to investigate.

This research was required before the execution of the tactics the company wanted to take place. I quickly learned by hand that in PR industry whether for assignments big or small, it is important for a client work and for me as a professional.

Before conducting the research I have several meetings with the Marketing Consultant and the owner of the company, in these meetings we discussed client’s needs, target market, and available resources in order to draw up a good PR plan. One of the aims of this research was to target the appropriate audiences and find the right influencers.

I was able to use the research to identify key insights related to the audiences, housewives, mothers and women who wanted to work from home. In order to find relevant blogs and websites that were appropriate to promote the brand, I needed to find the most appropriate search tool for my project. I used the online tool for digital marketing research and influencer outreach online

Through this experience I can confirm that by understanding consumers and the industry you work in, is essential in any strategic PR, which in turn helps the company to build a more effective campaign. From the results the research revealed the company was able to establish realistic goals and therefore has more chance to meet their communication objectives. It also helped the company to determine what their message is and how to design it in a way that their audience could understand and appreciate.

Working Experience

Alejandra Chapman CV



Professional Portfolio

Boosting Social Media Presence – Stampede Equestrian

In order to put the company on the map and drive traffic to their website, I advised them to utilise some social media channels and create relevant content in order to grab the attention of their customers. I suggested then to put to work into their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

Since the objective was to create and maintain a presence on the top social media platforms, the company should focus its efforts on the social media networks where its target buyers are spending time. To do so I guided the company to use a variation of text and images posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure that the audience is engaged with the content by liking it, sharing it, re-tweeting it or following the social media accounts.

Their twitter account only had few followers and didn’t have much activity if any, but since the plan to increase presence was implemented, it has been attracting new followers and causing engagement. The plan included choosing an easily identifiable username, uploading a recognisable photo plus the company logo, including clear and concise descriptions of the business, and leading customers back to their website.

Stampede Equestrian Twitter Account 


To ensure that the tweets reached the relevant people, I proposed that they should always use tags relevant to the business, this with the aim to bring more people onto their social media accounts and their website. In addition, I planned for them to post daily Twitter and Facebook posts ensuring posts were published at the best time to reach their target audience.

Tweets using relevant hashtags 


In order to generate the desired action, I recommend creating online competitions on Facebook. Since this a relative new business that have something new to offer, I advised them to generate buzz by introducing it via a contest. It brings some advantages and generates interest in their product; the winner can tell other followers about it and even drum up interest in their older products.

Online competitions on Facebook


I also suggested giving their followers content that’s worth sharing, in the hope that they will share it so that the company page’s exposure will grow. I recommended this because delightful posts are often more memorable and shareable, and they’ll help the business to build a loyal following much more than those sometimes necessary boring posts will.

Interesting Post


By using Instagram, I confirm that it communicated the company to be a new and original brand who understands the importance of utilising current digital ways of communication with its audience. This platform is helping the business to create meaningful relationships with its customers.

Instagram Account


My social media plan has allowed Stampede Equestrian to increase not only their brand awareness and reach of their brand at little to no cost but increase sales.


Guest Blogger – Baby Centre

Guest blogging was a way to build strong relationships with the editor of the Baby Centre Blog and in some way a possibility to develop professional connections. It also helped to set value to my own brand (my blog) and to acquire link building.


This experience gave me the chance to enhance communication as well as my interpersonal skills. It also enabled me to select the correct style and tone of writing for this specific platform and audience. I think being a guest blog acted as my doorway to gaining some status as a decent blogger.

I believed that the simple act of writing is helping me to shape and crystallise my own thoughts and opinions. Knowing that people were going to read my blog forces me to aim at a certain level of quality.


Research – Beever Hair Ltd

I needed to conduct a research to find influencer bloggers of hair and beauty. I have to identify blogs of hair and beauty with domain authority over 25 and collect the data of each one including contact details, frequency of post and audience.

The aim was to find these specific bloggers with the plan to then encourage them to write positive reviews of the Beever Hair products and/or write about how to get an extra income by selling these products. In doing so the company would reach their main target audience of women, housewives, mothers and women who wanted to work from home.

In order to initiate the research I signed up to and I needed to make most of the free trial. I was working to a time scale of one week as charges would be levied after this period. I have met the objectives since I found all the relevant data, which was taken into account to develop the business promotional goals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I believed that my research helped the business to approach and work with bloggers who can give Beever Hair more credibility, SEO juice, and sales. These in the end should strengthen their promotional campaign, since bloggers are real people with real voices and real opinions.

I successfully gathered the data of bloggers that the target audience follow and to whom they can relate and share common ground with the bloggers’ story and the experiences they are sharing.

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