I was born in Colombia but I can’t really say that I have a home town because since I was five years old my family started our nomadic life. I moved more than 16 times while time I lived in my home land. When I met the man became my husband I thought my nomadic life was going to stop but no, how wrong I was, so far we have lived in four different countries and the moved ten times and I can’t see it stopping any time soon.

I love cats and dogs but because we don’t stay in one place very long we have preferred not to get any pets. Instead I always ended looking after my friends pets. Once I looked after a well-educated cat for a moth, his name was Chigrinsky, he used to do number two’s in the shower between 7 to 8 am and at food time he loved to be pampered on his back meanwhile he was having his dinner. Chigars I miss you!

At the moment, I am living in England again, where I am doing my degree in Public Relations. The first time I came to England it was love at first sight, so when I moved to England it was easy for me to be adapt even when I didn’t speak the language. The only thing I didn’t get was why the locals were constantly complaining about the weather, but after living in the south France and on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, I finally understood why English people complain about the weather.

A nomadic life has its pros and cons but, for me it is a very exiting life since it brings the opportunity of meeting new people, making new friends and knowing different cultures. I’m expecting a little nomadic baby soon, his/her Dad is from England and Mam from Colombia and he/she was made in Spain so long live to the nomadic life!