I’m a woman who likes to be physically challenged and often find myself searching for new races that will test me. Once I decided to sign up to do the well-known challenge Tough Mudder something outside the norm. This consists in 12-mile cross-country obstacle course.

I had only three months to get physically ready for this ordeal so the first thing to do was to join the gym. I joined this basic gym. The place was full of all sorts of machines, so my first day in the gym was more of exploration than really doing any kind of exercise.

Apart from the possibility of doing exercise, the gym offers different varieties of entertainment. After my fist week visiting the gym nearly daily, I have seen a good range of performances that I can divide into three groups, the first one is ‘clueless’ people with no clue at all of what they are doing (I was one of them), the second group is the ‘gladiators’ the ones who loves showing off (usually men) so they ended doing more than they are capable of, and the last one the ‘hunters’ (both men and women) who the come to chat, take selfies and flirt meanwhile pretending they are doing exercise.

When you mix all these groups in one room, I’m sure it results in some good banter. Quite often when some ‘ clueless ‘ starts running really fast on the treadmill, they end flying away, but not like superman, they finish smashing their faces on the floor. Or what about the one or two ‘gladiators’, that after over exercising walk away to pull themselves together, of course behind the door where no one can see them.

It was a good experience spending time in the gym, even more when it includes a different kind of funny acts.