One Sunday I woke up with every intention of breaking my own record of running 10 K in less than 1 hour 12 minutes. So there I was, ready to rock! But unfortunately it was foggy so I decided to put off my challenge, instead I stayed in my pyjamas, sat on the sofa, watching tele catching up with my favourite series, Dexter, whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating crumpets with Nutella.


As the day went by the weather improved a lot, the sun came out, shining brilliantly through the windows and reflecting right onto my television, so I could no longer see the screen. I said to myself: “The world is telling me it is time to move my bum from the sofa and do something worthwhile”.

I jumped out from my comfort zone and I got all my gear on, very determined to go and conquer the world. I started doing my ritual warming up cos when you are in your 30’s and do any kind of exercise every single muscle twinges.

With all my energy I started my course and my battle against the clock. After only two kilometres however, I started feeling an unbearable pain in my teeth; it was as if I had them inside a bucket of ice! Luckily after 10 minutes the torment was gone.

When I reached the halfway stage my body started expressing a strong disapproval of this current activity, I got a kind of rash on my belly, I could feel one by one the spots appearing on my body, so I decided to turn up the music, and hope that the extra volume would drown out my discomfort.

After what seemed an age and having been to hell and back on my route, I found out that I just ran two minutes faster than my previous run! But yes I broke my own record!