I love singing and dancing in the shower. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know the lyrics very well, I always sing my heart out. I really enjoy roller-blading even when my stopping technique is not the best. My Dad always told us “if you are going to do something, do it right”. I would say if you are going to do something to enjoy the moment, do it without thinking if it is the right way to do it, that matters is enjoying life and not about perfection.

In my life I have done some stuff that I never thought I was get to get involved in. When I finished my secondary school, as a young daft girl who didn’t know whatshe was going to do, I found myself doing one-year voluntary services in the Armed forces of my country. It was a tough way to learn how to become an organised person and get into some kind of discipline.

When I moved to England my ‘sporty soul’ was born. It started with me doing 10K fun run, then moving on to a full Marathon, Olympic distance Triathlon and the latest 20 miles – 200 obstacles race. To be honest, I have done all of these challenges with the aim to finish and I managed to achieve that but the hardest part is not the race itself, it is being disciplined during training. You need to keep on track!

At the moment I’m tackling the biggest challenge of my life, I’m going to become a Mother. I believe that this is a challenge that will keep me on my toes for many years to come.