The other day after having a hard day at Uni “I thought I am going to get on the bus, and sleep all the way home” but my plans quickly came unstuck, I found myself sat next to a lovely old lady, who wanted to chat, so not a chance of closing my eyes.

bus abuelitos.JPG

The moment I sat down she asked my opinion of the hand bag that she had bought for her next door neighbour, I told her that it was nice, even when honestly was a bit out of date for a young woman. From that moment the conversation became very one sided, in her favour. I have to say she never made feel bored, quite the opposite in fact, it was very pleasant to hear her stories about her neighbourhood. I can even say that I feel like I know her neighbours personally.abuelita mejor.jpg

After we parted and as she was jumping off the bus I started to feel a little sad, because I released that elderly people sometimes just need someone to talk to, somebody who will listen and pay attention to what they want to share with you, about their pets, neighbours, shoes, it could be about anything.

I think that by taking a few minutes out of our day and having a chat with someone is a way that we can help them not feel too lonely, in this fast pace world where technology hogs our attention. Something that is not that relevant to us could be important to them. We should remember that one day we also are going to be elderly too. Think about treating them as you would like to be treated in your adulthood.​