A few months ago when I started getting ready for my run, as always, I checked the weather forecast. What I decide the wear is based on weather conditions.  I would not like to weather getting in the way of my goals.  However, this particular time, I had an unexpected situation.

The forecast prediction was something like “…that’s how the weather’s looking through the weekend.  Probably most of that wintry weather will be across Britain… perhaps some brighter skies…” Listened to the report and prepared myself to conquer the world by putting on one vest, two hoodies, one scarf, a pair of gloves, long thermal running trousers and a pair of warm socks.

As soon as I stepped out of the apartment, I was glad that I had the winter gear on.  The weatherman was not wrong at all.  There was a biting frost.  After a while, it started snowing.  The flecks were all over my face and they were going down my neck.  Much worse, since I did not grab my waterproof jacket, my head was freezing.  It was a proper winter. Chilly air and snow beginning to drift.22I was close enough to my place to turn back and put off my run, but I encouraged myself to carry on.  I think the sky felt sorry for me as occasionally the clouds cleared and the sun peeked through for the briefest moment.  The temperature began changing and it was more like spring, fresh air and nice gentle breeze. Perfect for outdoor workouts.

Crazily, a few minutes later, with more miles still to run, my “spring” happiness became unbearable “heat of summer”.  The sweat was pouring off me, and for two pins, I would have jumped into the canal to cool me down. Unbelievably on my way back home, it started raining and I asked myself, what next?

O.k., the rain helped me to cool down, but guess what, now I was soaking wet.  Now I was into autumn, wet and windy. I reluctantly had to slow my pace to suit the conditions which were slippery.  I finished that run in a frosty, wet mess.

When I take on my next run, I might not listen to the forecast because as I see it, I could not have prepared myself for what Mother Nature was to throw at me. Four seasons in such a short time. Have pity on this poor athlete and give me some good weather to ease the pain of training.