Boosting Social Media Presence – Stampede Equestrian

In order to put the company on the map and drive traffic to their website, I advised them to utilise some social media channels and create relevant content in order to grab the attention of their customers. I suggested then to put to work into their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account.

Since the objective was to create and maintain a presence on the top social media platforms, the company should focus its efforts on the social media networks where its target buyers are spending time. To do so I guided the company to use a variation of text and images posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure that the audience is engaged with the content by liking it, sharing it, re-tweeting it or following the social media accounts.

Their twitter account only had few followers and didn’t have much activity if any, but since the plan to increase presence was implemented, it has been attracting new followers and causing engagement. The plan included choosing an easily identifiable username, uploading a recognisable photo plus the company logo, including clear and concise descriptions of the business, and leading customers back to their website.

Stampede Equestrian Twitter Account 


To ensure that the tweets reached the relevant people, I proposed that they should always use tags relevant to the business, this with the aim to bring more people onto their social media accounts and their website. In addition, I planned for them to post daily Twitter and Facebook posts ensuring posts were published at the best time to reach their target audience.

Tweets using relevant hashtags 


In order to generate the desired action, I recommend creating online competitions on Facebook. Since this a relative new business that have something new to offer, I advised them to generate buzz by introducing it via a contest. It brings some advantages and generates interest in their product; the winner can tell other followers about it and even drum up interest in their older products.

Online competitions on Facebook


I also suggested giving their followers content that’s worth sharing, in the hope that they will share it so that the company page’s exposure will grow. I recommended this because delightful posts are often more memorable and shareable, and they’ll help the business to build a loyal following much more than those sometimes necessary boring posts will.

Interesting Post


By using Instagram, I confirm that it communicated the company to be a new and original brand who understands the importance of utilising current digital ways of communication with its audience. This platform is helping the business to create meaningful relationships with its customers.

Instagram Account


My social media plan has allowed Stampede Equestrian to increase not only their brand awareness and reach of their brand at little to no cost but increase sales.


Guest Blogger – Baby Centre

Guest blogging was a way to build strong relationships with the editor of the Baby Centre Blog and in some way a possibility to develop professional connections. It also helped to set value to my own brand (my blog) and to acquire link building.


This experience gave me the chance to enhance communication as well as my interpersonal skills. It also enabled me to select the correct style and tone of writing for this specific platform and audience. I think being a guest blog acted as my doorway to gaining some status as a decent blogger.

I believed that the simple act of writing is helping me to shape and crystallise my own thoughts and opinions. Knowing that people were going to read my blog forces me to aim at a certain level of quality.


Research – Beever Hair Ltd

I needed to conduct a research to find influencer bloggers of hair and beauty. I have to identify blogs of hair and beauty with domain authority over 25 and collect the data of each one including contact details, frequency of post and audience.

The aim was to find these specific bloggers with the plan to then encourage them to write positive reviews of the Beever Hair products and/or write about how to get an extra income by selling these products. In doing so the company would reach their main target audience of women, housewives, mothers and women who wanted to work from home.

In order to initiate the research I signed up to and I needed to make most of the free trial. I was working to a time scale of one week as charges would be levied after this period. I have met the objectives since I found all the relevant data, which was taken into account to develop the business promotional goals.

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I believed that my research helped the business to approach and work with bloggers who can give Beever Hair more credibility, SEO juice, and sales. These in the end should strengthen their promotional campaign, since bloggers are real people with real voices and real opinions.

I successfully gathered the data of bloggers that the target audience follow and to whom they can relate and share common ground with the bloggers’ story and the experiences they are sharing.