This portfolio demonstrates some skills which are needed in the PR industry, many of them in which I have mentioned in my professional profile. I believe that my professional portfolio will support my working experience in the field. Through this portfolio I demonstrate that I have the ability to write engaging and relevant web articles and that I understand how the content must be adapted for different audiences. I also show that I am aware how social media platforms can help business to become a name and interactively attract its audience.

The work I produced at Stampede Equestrian shows my understanding on how social media is essential to boost any type of business. Advising Stampede Equestrian on how to use social media required me to utilise my conversation skills. I held meetings directly with the owner of the business, therefore, I listened very carefully to her brief in order to understand exactly what she wanted to achieve. For obvious reasons I also had to build good relationship with her and demonstrate that I have understood her brand and needs very well.

As a new business who’s goal was to increase its presence in social media, I needed to use my creativity. After the owner gave me a rough draft of what she intended to accomplish, I develop a plan to increase awareness of the brand by contacting some online influencers. I had to ensure that the approach to the influencers was well timed and done professionally.

I believe that this was valuable experience, creating awareness for a new small business in the equestrian industry. I needed to understand the needs and expectations of the client and I also needed to ensure that the content of the message, and the way to approach people was going to be captivating enough to make them want to engage with this new brand.

I feel that I successfully advised the business, I directed the owner in the right direction as was proven by the increase in sales that they received and by the increase of followers they had on social media sites. Following my advice on the use of relevant pictures and content and also choosing the correct moment to post, share and comment on social platforms was a contributing factor to the upturn of the business. My work is an example of effective ways of sending the message out to a specific audience, giving evidence that when the style of the message that a company sends to its potential customers is appropriate, it will encourage more people to want to interact with the brand. This also demonstrated my planning skills and my ability to achieve objectives for a social media strategy.

Being a guest blogger for the well-known website Baby Centre enabled me to select the correct style and tone of writing for a specific audience, pregnant women. In order to achieve a post on this website I needed to develop media relations. I needed to communicate and develop a good relationship with the editor of the blog.

My article needed to have an interesting and compelling topic to ensure that the audience wanted to read it. From my own experience and with some research about the subject I wanted to cover, I found that there were many blogs that discussed similar topics. I believe my article was successful as I wrote something to which my audience may have been able to relate, and compare with their own experiences. My article had hints of ‘descriptive graphic reality’ and a bit of sarcasm; I think this was a suitable tone of voice to use when targeting pregnant women as they are more likely to read something which makes them feel identified with the subject.

Guest blogging brought some benefits for my personal blogger development; it helped me to build my individual branding, it also helped me to be seen as a more credible writer. This would definitely help start creating my own online credibility. In addition, it also would drive more traffic to my personal blog and to some extent, increase my engagement with my followers.

This experience meant that my dedication to consistently writeing interesting posts definitely paid off, the benefits far outweigh the time I have invested on my blog, for example I got more exposure, credibility, inbound links, social media exposure, build up your brand and referral traffic to my website.

During my time as an intern in Beever Hair Ltd I needed to conduct research. For this task I carry out this research independently but with instructions that specified precisely what to investigate.

This research was required before the execution of the tactics the company wanted to take place. I quickly learned by hand that in PR industry whether for assignments big or small, it is important for a client work and for me as a professional.

Before conducting the research I have several meetings with the Marketing Consultant and the owner of the company, in these meetings we discussed client’s needs, target market, and available resources in order to draw up a good PR plan. One of the aims of this research was to target the appropriate audiences and find the right influencers.

I was able to use the research to identify key insights related to the audiences, housewives, mothers and women who wanted to work from home. In order to find relevant blogs and websites that were appropriate to promote the brand, I needed to find the most appropriate search tool for my project. I used the online tool for digital marketing research and influencer outreach online

Through this experience I can confirm that by understanding consumers and the industry you work in, is essential in any strategic PR, which in turn helps the company to build a more effective campaign. From the results the research revealed the company was able to establish realistic goals and therefore has more chance to meet their communication objectives. It also helped the company to determine what their message is and how to design it in a way that their audience could understand and appreciate.