At the beginning of 2013 my husband and I went travelling around Cambodia. We found a beautiful tropical Island called Koh Rong. We made some friends and had great time. On our last night on the island we got together with our new friends to have some drinks and say goodbye.

During the night we chatted about anything and everything. The owner of the bar we were drinking in, told us a story about a big buffalo that lived on the island. The beast had attacked some tourists and the locals had decided to put a bell around his neck. The night was over so we went back to our beach hut. During the night I needed the loo so in the local style I headed down to the beach.


While I was  having a wee and taking in the splendid view; you know the sea and the sky… Suddenly, I heart my husband shouting:  “Can you hear the bell? The buffalo is coming towards you!” upon hearing this I just started running for my life, hardly pausing to pull up my shorts, which remained around my knees; in my haste and the darkness and my sheer terror of being gored by the onrushing buffalo i managed to smash my foot on a rock, i let out a scream and crawled upstairs to our hut.

Obviously my husband came to my rescue and realised that my toe was dislocated. He didn’t want me to see how bad my toe was but I couldn’t resist a peek, I saw it and realised that my poor toe was like an arrow indicating ‘turn to the right’ The reality dawned upon us that we were on a remote Cambodian island with no doctors no hospital and no phones, even the generator for the lights had been switched off! there was nothing else for it, Doctor Chappo (my husband) decided to have a go on try to put it back into the right position. I want to say that he never had done anything like that before.

The first attempt didn’t work, I can tell you that it was really painful and any alcohol I had in my head wet out after that. For the second attempt I decided to bite my pillow because this time my private doctor was going to pull my toe harder. Thankfully it worked and we went to sleep but before it I needed to have shot of rum to cope with the pain of the post medical procedure.

to be continued…the real doctor on the mainland story