Since I can remember Coca-Cola has always been around. In my opinion their campaigns have always been good, some better than others. The next digital campaign I am going to review is from Coca-Cola, this digital campaign impressed me from the way they developed their creativity online and connected to mass media and the offline world.

In 2013 Coca-Cola delivered a great digital engagement campaign with an exceptional idea  of connecting Coca-Cola consumers with their favourite rockstars. They set the first internet banner that allowed fans of Adrian Despot, the lead singer of the Romanian band Vița de Vie, to interact virtually with him. Basically Coca-Cola created an online banner with the singer ready with his guitar waiting to take a call from his fans to sign along with him his song ‘StartDust’ and from this point other digital tools were used to fire up the target audience.

In this campaign I can see how Coca-Cola did a good job of analysing one of its target audiences – teenagers from Romania – and how they developed a content appealing to them, the target audience was the well-known UGC (user generation content. The fans could call through their mobile phones and tuner it into microphone, so they could sing along with Adrian Despot.


This situation created a sense of community around Vița de Vie fans who drink Coca-Cola, with a content that mobilised the Romanians teenagers to promote the brand. The audience here amplified the message by sharing it in different social media channels like Facebook and YouTube, which in turn helped to reach many other teenagers.

I could say that it was a good established two-way partnership, because Coca-Cola made fans of this band feel that they really matter to the brand.

Coca-cola really made the most of the ‘online duet idea’ teenagers received a link of their personalised duet video on YouTube which they were free to share online. There were also CD singles made and posted to the singers, and some fans even earned a featured personalised MTV video. This obviously supported the brand all the way.

You could say that this Coca-Cola campaign had a grand finale. The brand recorded all of the voices and then played them back during the band’s live show at B’estfest festival in Bucharest, Romania’s biggest music festival. In fact, during the gig, the lead singer explained the campaign before singing ‘StartDust’; then during the song all of the names of those who participated were projected on the big screen.

Overall, I think that in this campaign Coca-Cola used very engaging digital media content, where participation and interaction were key factors of their strategy. They activate multiple ideas for their target audience to feel part of the campaign. Coca-Cola cleverly combined physical with digital experience; they connected fans to their idol online, and then took it offline to make it a unique experience for the fans.

This creative campaign generated 4.59 million media impressions and mouse-overs. The campaign won different awards such as Silver Drum in Digital Campaigns at Golden Drum Festival 2013, Winner in Digital Branded Content at Internetics Festival, Romania and Winner in Interactive Campaigns (FMGC) at Internetics Festival, Romania.



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