The Invictus Games is an international Paralympic-style multi-sport event for ex service men injured in the line of duty, created by Britain’s Prince Harry. So who better to endorse the event than the prince himself and why not bring along Granma too; and since this years event was hosted by USA it wasn’t a surprise to see President Obama involved in the promotion of the event as well. Boom! Brilliant!

All the royal and presidential ‘cast’ showed their acting skills in a short sketch to promote the games and at the same time backing up a good cause, the Invictus Games Orlando 2016. This event aimed to support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women.

It is more than obvious that having people like the members of the Royal Family and Barack and Michelle Obama associated with the games could only be good for the event. The world we live in now is about influencers, and that is all a celebrity really is; and let’s be honest all of them qualify as both influencers and celebrities.

In general, the celebrity who endorses a campaign should have some type of association with the brand. In this case, who better to represent the brand than Prince Harry, who spent ten years working in the Armed Forces and has first hand experience of what soldiers live with in the field. There is a strong synergy and relation between the brand – I am Invictus Games Foundation – and Prince Harry.

Thanks to these endorsements, the games have reached their objectives by capturing the attention of the audience, increasing brand awareness, strengthening recall of the brand, reinforcing the image of the foundation, and increasing the likelihood of attendance.

Prince Harry not only endorsed the games but he was always involved in the event, he was as an excellent host, a genuine supporter of the participants and also interacting with the audience. There can be no better endorsement of an event than to have such a high profile and popular host as Prince Harry.

The promotional video generated big press coverage in different media channels, BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Express,, and Huffington Post to name but a few. The games were covered by BBC and people talk about the games in social media too, for example the foundation has 65K followers in Twitter and the Orlando games twitter account has 19.4K followers, 3,412 Likes and generate 1,538 tweets.

I would say that this endorsement deal was done correctly; not only because it helped the foundation to reach their own objectives but more importantly to help all veterans to lead healthy and dignified lives after service, and in many cases it gives the participants something that makes a real difference to their lives.

Here some stats to illustrate the success of the games.




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