I am a Colombian woman so as a typical latina I love to smile, laugh out loud, dance and love to make people dance too. Viva la rumba! Once I met an English guy on the beach where the love story between Alejandra and Chappy begins. Now we are married and expecting a baby.

I love talking to people and to cats and dogs and to myself too. I’m really excited that in couple months I will be able to talk face to face with my unborn baby. I also love photography so I can’t wait to start doing some photo shoots with the new member of this family!

Running is my way to disconnect from the real world. I have found that doing exercise is a good way to clear my mind and that competing in events (physical events) gives me a real sense of satisfaction and I feel that I have achieved something.

At the moment I’m studying Public Relations and this blog is part of my project from Uni. I started another blog in Spanish some time ago but it was more for my friends and family; through this one I would like to have readers from any part of the world. I hope you enjoy it!