Everything about Public Relations and Marketing fascinates and intrigues me. I particularly like the idea of collaboration and team effort, working together to find ideas to get the attention of the public.  I have the passion and motivation to get things done.

My qualities such as being an enthusiastic, dynamic and proactive person coupled with over eight years’ experience in admin for various companies have helped me to improve my skills like interpersonal relationships, verbal and written expression, interacting in groups and ability to work under pressure.

I’ve always adored building relationships and communicating with anyone and everyone. Thanks to this digital world we live, now I am communicating with people in a different way, the joy of interacting with people is still strong and even more entertaining than before the digital revolution. I have seen and experience the digital era growth, this helped me to understand why and how things have changed.

I am constant learner. I studied IT and also studied Marketing on an evening after work; this experience helped me to be more professional and responsible in my approach to work. Due to my dedication and devotion to my studies I finished my course in Business Administration in half of the time. At the moment I am in the second year of my degree in Public Relations and Communication. I speak Spanish as it is my mother tongue and I also speak English and French.

When I studied Marketing and Advertising I realised that Public Relations was the next step to achieve my dream career. I love what l studied and Public Relations is the complement of what I really want to do. I want to work in a media house department with an innovative environment where I can have  professional and personal growth and learning, whether in the fields of print media, mobile, online, TV, production or music.

I have always liked creating things, since I was a little girl I showed my creativity whether that was drawing or making games up with my friends. I also loved to organise everything and really thrive when working on something from the very start and seeing it through until the very end. I feel that these qualities among the ones mentioned above combined with my personality would be best suited to such an energetic and creative profession.

I love exploring different cultures and everything they have to offer. I have lived in four different countries, where thanks to my passion for conversation and listening to others I have made new friends and learnt about their beliefs and attitudes. I believe that this would help me to remain in a competitive PR work environment, where it is essential to engage with the clients’ wants and needs.

It has been a long road to reach my dream of becoming a PR practitioner and I believe that I will achieve it, thanks to my desire to achieve my goals and my determination to excel in everything I pursue. “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it”


Alejandra Chapman CV