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Running in extreme weather

A few months ago when I started getting ready for my run, as always, I checked the weather forecast. What I decide the wear is based on weather conditions.  I would not like to weather getting in the way of my goals.  However, this particular time, I had an unexpected situation.

The forecast prediction was something like “…that’s how the weather’s looking through the weekend.  Probably most of that wintry weather will be across Britain… perhaps some brighter skies…” Listened to the report and prepared myself to conquer the world by putting on one vest, two hoodies, one scarf, a pair of gloves, long thermal running trousers and a pair of warm socks.

As soon as I stepped out of the apartment, I was glad that I had the winter gear on.  The weatherman was not wrong at all.  There was a biting frost.  After a while, it started snowing.  The flecks were all over my face and they were going down my neck.  Much worse, since I did not grab my waterproof jacket, my head was freezing.  It was a proper winter. Chilly air and snow beginning to drift.22I was close enough to my place to turn back and put off my run, but I encouraged myself to carry on.  I think the sky felt sorry for me as occasionally the clouds cleared and the sun peeked through for the briefest moment.  The temperature began changing and it was more like spring, fresh air and nice gentle breeze. Perfect for outdoor workouts.

Crazily, a few minutes later, with more miles still to run, my “spring” happiness became unbearable “heat of summer”.  The sweat was pouring off me, and for two pins, I would have jumped into the canal to cool me down. Unbelievably on my way back home, it started raining and I asked myself, what next?

O.k., the rain helped me to cool down, but guess what, now I was soaking wet.  Now I was into autumn, wet and windy. I reluctantly had to slow my pace to suit the conditions which were slippery.  I finished that run in a frosty, wet mess.

When I take on my next run, I might not listen to the forecast because as I see it, I could not have prepared myself for what Mother Nature was to throw at me. Four seasons in such a short time. Have pity on this poor athlete and give me some good weather to ease the pain of training.


the painful true about my old trainers

It is always hard to say good bye, and even more when you have spent lot of time and passed through different stages with someone. Yes, I’m talking about my old trainers, I have refused to throw them away but now they are in serious need of replacement.

I remember very well the first time I seen them, it was love at first sight. They were there on the shelf standing out from all the rest; as soon as I went into the shop they smiled at me and I smiled back. I don’t know how long they were waiting for me but as soon as I tried them on ‘that was it’ we became inseparable.

We have had times of glory and battles too, in either circumstance they have never let me down. We have done arduous training, as well as crossing finish lines which made all the hard work worthwhile. We have been together hand in hand, through thick and thin, running in the forest, ring roads, on the beach and even in the snow. Oh what memories !

The moment of truth has arrived, it is time for their retirement. With all my love for them and against my will I need to welcome some new trainers into my life and say a good bye. They will be forever in my heart.

Thank you old friends; we have had an incredible time together over the years.


The things I do

I love singing and dancing in the shower. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know the lyrics very well, I always sing my heart out. I really enjoy roller-blading even when my stopping technique is not the best. My Dad always told us “if you are going to do something, do it right”. I would say if you are going to do something to enjoy the moment, do it without thinking if it is the right way to do it, that matters is enjoying life and not about perfection.

In my life I have done some stuff that I never thought I was get to get involved in. When I finished my secondary school, as a young daft girl who didn’t know whatshe was going to do, I found myself doing one-year voluntary services in the Armed forces of my country. It was a tough way to learn how to become an organised person and get into some kind of discipline.

When I moved to England my ‘sporty soul’ was born. It started with me doing 10K fun run, then moving on to a full Marathon, Olympic distance Triathlon and the latest 20 miles – 200 obstacles race. To be honest, I have done all of these challenges with the aim to finish and I managed to achieve that but the hardest part is not the race itself, it is being disciplined during training. You need to keep on track!

At the moment I’m tackling the biggest challenge of my life, I’m going to become a Mother. I believe that this is a challenge that will keep me on my toes for many years to come.

Types of people you meet at the gym

I’m a woman who likes to be physically challenged and often find myself searching for new races that will test me. Once I decided to sign up to do the well-known challenge Tough Mudder something outside the norm. This consists in 12-mile cross-country obstacle course.

I had only three months to get physically ready for this ordeal so the first thing to do was to join the gym. I joined this basic gym. The place was full of all sorts of machines, so my first day in the gym was more of exploration than really doing any kind of exercise.

Apart from the possibility of doing exercise, the gym offers different varieties of entertainment. After my fist week visiting the gym nearly daily, I have seen a good range of performances that I can divide into three groups, the first one is ‘clueless’ people with no clue at all of what they are doing (I was one of them), the second group is the ‘gladiators’ the ones who loves showing off (usually men) so they ended doing more than they are capable of, and the last one the ‘hunters’ (both men and women) who the come to chat, take selfies and flirt meanwhile pretending they are doing exercise.

When you mix all these groups in one room, I’m sure it results in some good banter. Quite often when some ‘ clueless ‘ starts running really fast on the treadmill, they end flying away, but not like superman, they finish smashing their faces on the floor. Or what about the one or two ‘gladiators’, that after over exercising walk away to pull themselves together, of course behind the door where no one can see them.

It was a good experience spending time in the gym, even more when it includes a different kind of funny acts.

when running faster every minute counts !

One Sunday I woke up with every intention of breaking my own record of running 10 K in less than 1 hour 12 minutes. So there I was, ready to rock! But unfortunately it was foggy so I decided to put off my challenge, instead I stayed in my pyjamas, sat on the sofa, watching tele catching up with my favourite series, Dexter, whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating crumpets with Nutella.


As the day went by the weather improved a lot, the sun came out, shining brilliantly through the windows and reflecting right onto my television, so I could no longer see the screen. I said to myself: “The world is telling me it is time to move my bum from the sofa and do something worthwhile”.

I jumped out from my comfort zone and I got all my gear on, very determined to go and conquer the world. I started doing my ritual warming up cos when you are in your 30’s and do any kind of exercise every single muscle twinges.

With all my energy I started my course and my battle against the clock. After only two kilometres however, I started feeling an unbearable pain in my teeth; it was as if I had them inside a bucket of ice! Luckily after 10 minutes the torment was gone.

When I reached the halfway stage my body started expressing a strong disapproval of this current activity, I got a kind of rash on my belly, I could feel one by one the spots appearing on my body, so I decided to turn up the music, and hope that the extra volume would drown out my discomfort.

After what seemed an age and having been to hell and back on my route, I found out that I just ran two minutes faster than my previous run! But yes I broke my own record!


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